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Let(her) Fabric, found objects, photographs, wood. 2004. 8ft x 8ft x 8ft. For eight days at 2 am every evening, I cleaned and repainted a white, 8ft x 8ft box on the floor, and with a predetermined set of visual ‘letters,’ constructed an installation progressively telling the story of a rape. The gallery walls were lined with a photograph from each version of the piece. At the closing reception, viewers surrounded the box and watched the process break down and build up. During the eight-day progression, the sixth day portrayed the strewn blood and tangled mass of bodies, while the eggs in a vice grip symbolized violence towards the female form. The two-dimensional drawing moved up and down the viewing plan with each transformation, expanding and condensing with each spontaneous gesture.
Mar 25th, 2012
(6:13 PM)
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