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Beatings: Baltimore Performance and installation with cast plaster, video, dirt. 2011. 7ft x 10ft x 3ft. Beatings: Baltimore was shown at Conner Contemporary Gallery in Washington, DC as a video installation. The video documents a daily performance where I beat the ground with crowbars and hammers for hours at a time. The objects struck the ground and made impressions, which I cast in plaster. Over 100 holes were beaten and cast during a three-week period. The casts were scrubbed of excess debris and displayed beneath the video. The video ran on a 25-minute loop, spliced with views of the growing hole. Growing up in a military family that transplanted over 15 different times, my memories are still tied to the places where events happened. I attempted to beat my memories out of the ground and to capture the imprint of where they once were. The repetitious, violent act became a ritual to purge a place of negativity. The plaster casts absorbed the earth and exposed the intricate details of the soil and debris.
Mar 25th, 2012
(6:06 PM)
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